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This Utility Knife is one of our favorite tools, and we designed this one with the help of top chefs to get every detail right. Easier to maneuver than a Chef’s Knife, and more versatile than a paring knife, the Utility Knife has just the right proportions to feel nimble in your hand for the small stuff (cocktail wedge, anyone?), but big enough to take on bigger jobs too (like breaking down your whole farmers’ market haul). Think of it as your new best friend in the kitchen.


Blade Length: 5.6 in. / 141 mm


Total Length: 9.8 in. / 249 mm


Weight: 0.2 lbs / 86 g


HRC: 60 +/- tolerance


Grind & Edge: 50/50 at 11.5 degrees per side


Steel: Three Layer Japanese Steel – AUS10 core and SUS1A-1 outer layers


Care Instructions: Wash with soap and water and wipe dry after use. Do not put in the dishwasher. (Dishwashers are harsh on all tools.). Always cut on appropriate cutting surfaces (like wood, plastic, or rubber). Do not cut on hard surfaces that can dull the blade. Store your knife safely, and protect the blade from contact with hard surfaces.

Utility Knife - Hedley & Bennett

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