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Our Story

Hi, I'm Jimmy McDermott. My passion has always been about curating unique experiences. Whether it's the thrill of unboxing a thoughtfully packaged product, relishing a meal at an exceptional restaurant, or feeling the impact of top-tier service from a company or individual that truly goes the extra mile. Among these, even simple joys, like the satisfaction of cleanly slicing through a sandwich with a sharp knife, stand out – a satisfaction easily robbed by a dull blade. Recognizing the vital role blades play in our everyday lives, I founded Blade Butlers, a mobile blade sharpening service. While many have contacts for household repairs, fewer can name a dedicated blade sharpening expert. We're here to change that, aspiring to be your trusted sharpening experts, ensuring every blade in your life elevates your everyday tasks and moments.


Calling Cottonwood Heights, Utah, home, I am more than just the face behind Blade Butlers™. I'm a proud husband and a devoted father to three remarkable children. Our household resonates with love, laughter, and a profound reverence for enriching experiences. Each blade honed by Blade Butlers™ symbolizes my dedication to excellence, mirroring my aspiration to sprinkle that special touch into every home.


The McDermott lineage boasts a storied legacy of courageous entrepreneurs. As I tread this entrepreneurial journey, I'm excited to uphold this tradition, seamlessly blending the resilience and humor that characterized my predecessors.


At Blade Butlers™, we’re not just refining blades; we’re refining experiences. Your blades aren’t simply made sharper; they’re given a black-tie makeover, ensuring class and quality in every slice, cut, and snip. Our mission goes beyond the edge of a blade. It’s about enhancing little moments in life, making sure every sandwich slice is perfect, every craft is precise, and, with a splash of humor, ensuring there is never a dull moment.


So, when life's moments feel somewhat lackluster, remember, Blade Butlers™ is here to add the defining edge.

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