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Slicing Through Myths: Pull Through Knife Sharpeners and How to Extend Your Knife's Life with Proper Sharpening and Care


At Blade Butlers, we understand the value of a good knife and the importance of keeping it in prime condition. Our mantra, "Buy it nice, keep it nice," is more than just a catchy phrase; it's a philosophy that guides our services and advice. Whether you splurge on a high-end knife or seek to maintain a more modest one, we're here to ensure every blade is at its best, because everyone deserves sharp knives. Today, we delve into a common kitchen issue: the impact of knife sharpeners on your beloved blades, especially the ubiquitous pull-through sharpener, and why choosing the right sharpener is crucial.

The Downside of Pull-Through Sharpeners

Pull-through sharpeners, while convenient, often do more harm than good. These devices, typically inexpensive and commonly found in kitchens, promise quick and easy sharpening but at a significant cost. Their aggressive and reckless removal of metal from your knife not only shortens its lifespan but also leads to uneven wear. This uneven wear can result in an imbalanced blade, affecting its cutting efficiency and safety. Over time, this excessive and sloppy material removal necessitates frequent replacements.

Images of uneven wear on a knife along with a knife with deep scratches both of which resulted from using a pull through knife sharpener.

Moreover, pull-through sharpeners often scratch the sides of the blade, leaving unsightly marks. In some cases, users have reported chunks being taken out of their knives—a clear sign of uneven and harsh sharpening. Such damage not only impairs the knife’s performance but also mars its appearance, turning your prized kitchen tools into something less desirable.

The Blade Butlers Approach to Sharpening

Our approach at Blade Butlers is markedly different. We treat each knife with the respect and care it deserves, employing techniques that ensure precision sharpening without compromising the blade's integrity. Our professional sharpening service delicately removes just the right amount of metal, maintaining the knife's original balance and sharpness, and avoiding uneven wear.

This meticulous process not only extends the life of your knife but also preserves its original beauty. No scratches, no uneven edges, and no imbalanced wear – just a perfectly honed blade that performs as it should. Whether it's an expensive chef's knife, a beloved family heirloom, or a knife you simply want to perform well, our tailored sharpening approach adapts to each knife's unique needs.

Tips for Maintaining Your Knives

Pairing professional sharpening with proper care is key to keeping your quality knives in top condition. Here are a few tips:

  • Always hand wash your knives to avoid damage from harsh detergents and jostling during the wash cycle.

  • Store your knives properly, preferably in a butcher block, knife case, or with a protective cover over the blade, to protect the blades from unnecessary wear and tear.

  • Use appropriate cutting surfaces, such as wood, which is softer and helps maintain the blade's sharpness, unlike harder materials like stone, glass, or metal, which can quickly dull your knives.


The longevity and performance of your knives are heavily influenced by the type of sharpener used and the care they receive afterward. Avoid pull-through sharpeners and their damaging and uneven effects. Embrace our "Buy it nice, keep it nice" philosophy by investing in professional sharpening services and proper knife care. Whether you've invested in high-end knives, are holding onto a sentimental piece, or are simply tired of using dull knives, Blade Butlers is here to ensure they remain in pristine condition. Contact us today to give your knives the care they deserve!



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